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Coffee House Blues 



“Oh, for fuck’s sake -” Patience laughs, and scrapes her hair out of her eyes, grabbing both the useless drinks and making a break for it.

“Third time’s the charm, promise.”

He grins back before shaking his head at Patience. He spun in his chair slightly, watching her go before turning back to Acedia.

“It’s not always this busy.” 

"Ah-" Sloth reached after Patience uselessly. She hadn’t meant to send the girl off to get another drink. She settled back into her seat with a sigh.

She made a face at the word busy. The coffee house was rather busy now that she looked. “Am I… keeping you?” She asked tentatively, thinking of her conversation with Patience.

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Coffee House Blues 



The latest customer orders a herbal tea brew, and Patience is reminded of her last conversation with Acedia - shit.

She curses quietly, and hands over the line to another barrista, snatches a green tea and taps her way over to the corner table.

“Green tea,” she smiles awkwardly, popping it in front of the Sin, “I forgot, I’m so sorry!”

He laughs, shaking his head. “I can see that, love. And I’m glad.” He nearly jumps a foot in the air when Patience appears, though. 

He glances up at her, making quick puppy eyes of apology before glancing at the cup, confused. 

She smiled softly at Dil. He’s glad I’m here…

Sloth found both Patience’s arrival and Dil’s reaction startling. It took her a moment to look down at the cup. Green tea…?

"Chamomile," she explained, a slight apologetic tone to her normal monotone voice. She tapped the new cup, pulling it next to the one with the cocoa.

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Coffee House Blues 



What do you do when the most important person in your world loves someone else?

It’s not hard, in the end. She sends Dilly on his way and goes back to work, turns the radio up just that little bit too loud, and keeps herself on her feet. Tap tap tap don’t look fill in an order, tap tap tap.

The one look she allows herself, he’s smiling, and so is Acedia.

So that’s okay then. It’ll have to be.

He knows Patience better than he knows himself, and there’s a momentary falter when he notices what she’s doing. He internally sighs, knowing there’s no way to do this without someone getting hurt. Might as well make the best of it.

He keeps up the smile and places the cup down in front of Acedia before flopping in the other seat. 

“Hi there, love. How’re you?”

She looks down at the cup. Brown liquid. Patience. They had talked about herbal tea but Sloth wasn’t surprised that the cup held something else. But Dil had given to her. She took it and stared down at it for a moment before taking a tentative sip. Cocoa. At least there want any espresso in it.

She looked up at Dil then, cheeks tinted again at the nickname. Was he going to be calling her that forever? Well, until this body was gone?

"I’m… here?" She didn’t know what say.

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Coffee House Blues 



Patience had spent the morning portion of her shifts buried in the back room, desperately washing up cups and cursing her ruined cuticles. By the time she got put back on the floor, Sloth was already curled up in the back of the shop. 

With a quick wave at Acedia, and without telling Dilly, just snuck on a hot chocolate and shoved it at him when he was done.

“Back table, pink hair. I’ll cover for you -“

She nudged him off in his Sin’s direction, and went back to work.

Diligence was already tired. He’d spent the whole morning fielding idiots—er, customers. And he was in the middle of attempting a third cup for the same man. He barely noticed Patience come up to him and just continued working for a moment.

Until her words actually reached is brain, then he let out a sigh of relief and grinned at her, turning to grab the cup.

“You, are a lifesaver. And I owe you.”

He kissed her cheek before taking the cup over to Acedia, still smiling. 

Sloth (just barely) noticed Patience wave at her, but when she had mustered the effort to wave back the girl had turned away. And then there was Dil.

She sat up straight as he headed over, frowning a bit at the cup in his hand. Was that for her? Was he bringing it to look like he was working? Was he bringing her a gift because he loved her? Was it for him? She bit her lip, groaning internally. All this made her head hurt.

At last he was smiling. She liked when he smiled. Her gaze darted back to Patience, the conspiracy paranoia bubbling back up.

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-looks up- …thanks?

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Coffee House Blues 

Sloth found herself in front of the working place of two virtues. What was she doing here? What if this was all an elaborate ambush?

Which was of course ridiculous. Something she might expect from Wrath and Envy. But Patience and Diligence? Certainly not. Well, she didn’t know what to expect from Dil. Everything was so confusing now.

She waited for someone to open the door, too lazy to push it open. Surely, if she waited long enough, Patience would notice her and let her in. Fortunately, she was able to slip in after a hipster. She slunk to the back of the store and found a secluded seat to lounge in. She wasn’t sure what she wanted. She didn’t usually self-analyze like this.

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we need patience and we need to para out sloth coming to the coffee shop!

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meow meow

my dash is always dead.

humble and lazy 


Customer service at a craft store.

-He shrugs-

Not the most exciting job, but the discounts rock.

you do crafts?

-that sounds like a lot of work. then again, most things do-

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